Cristina Moura Rebelo

Cristina Moura Rebelo

Cristina Moura Rebelo

With more than 10 years of experience in complex project management, Cristina is passionate for project management, especially using agile approaches as a means to optimize time and resources.

Currently she manages a team of 20+ developing Meo TV.

With a degree in Management, a graduation at Universidade Católica Portuguesa and two project management certifications, blogger and writer, married and mother of two, she often participates as speaker/host in public interest events is often involved in various volunteer activities.

Women in DevOps: Why do you need women in your team

DevOps has always embraced a diversity of thought and contribution. It is all about collaboration and collaboration is all about diversity. Empathy, attention to detail, and other typically feminine characteristics are essential to accelerate progress and remove roadblocks, getting more innovative, effective teams.

Since I understood there are less and less women in tech teams and in science courses, I've been actively commited to bring this subject to everyone's attention.

We've got to change this, together!