Luis Faceira

Luis Faceira

Luis Faceira

Luís is a Continuous Delivery and DevOps practitioner, coach and speaker, who has been passionate about the intersection of technology and business since he started his first internet company in 98, with only 14 years old.

After be.ubi, his software development/consultancy shop participated in an high-demanding acceleration program in Silicon Valley in 2013, he returned to Europe and started helping other teams, from small international startups to Fortune500 enterprises, improve the same level of software delivery velocity and quality.

GitOps - Operations done through git

Git is one of the most common tools you will find on a software engineer's tool belt. Naturally, most teams organize the changes they want to produce to a software system in their source code managed in Git.

GitOps is an operational and pipeline pattern that establishes the same concept not just for source code but for every operational aspect of your system.

In this approach, all system and environments configuration is defined through git, and the process of applying changes to the infrastructure follows the same practices and quality control procedures that a change in software does, making it possible to review, check and promote across branches/environments any change that is made to a system.

Example: want to scale up the nodes? Open a pull-request for it. Review it, check the impact, merge and see it automatically applied to the different dynamically managed environments.